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Who Are You and What Have You Done With My Dog?

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We’re farm sitting this weekend with sheep and horses. We have horses to feed  but can use the sheep for training.

I decided to put Moss in this evening, after it cooled off (a teeny bit) so took both dogs out to the barn. I hooked Moss up so I could take Doc to shed off some sheep to work. It took longer to get the lambs and all but a few sheep to work than we actually trained. It’s still wicked hot and humid.

I noted that Moss didn’t bark at all while Doc and I separated the sheep. That was a first. I took Moss in on his long line and couldn’t believe my eyes. He walked in slowly and dropped every time I told him to lie down. I do know that having another person, dog and whistle around will rev him up, but this was just too amazing.

I dropped the line and worked him farther away. He listened and obeyed. He still doesn’t have the concept of going around the sheep to pick them up very well but at least he’s listening to me and responding! When I told him “that’ll do” he headed right for the gate.


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  1. He is growing up… good job, Lana…

    • Thanks. He wasn’t quite as spectacular this morning but still listening to me. He does dive in when I ask for the away side. He much prefers the come by side. But that’s just puppy stuff.


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