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I’m not terribly impressed with the halter. Moss still pulls and it has the added irritation of jerking my arm every time he takes a step. I can see how it could rub his skin raw too. Some reviewers raved about it and said it was fantastic. Not for us.

What really surprised me is the best so far has been the British slip lead. Moss has backed off and even has a loose leash part of the time. I’m amazed since it still works its way down when he lowers his head and hunches his shoulders, but it is getting better.

I took the dogs down to the boat ramp after our evening walk and Moss got totally silly playing in the little waves. I started throwing sticks for him to fetch. I’ve been trying to work him out to deeper water so he’ll swim but he wants no part of that. He likes the water through. Even dainty Doc went in after a stick up to his belly. I was amazed. Doc doesn’t usually want to get wet.

Then I sat outside and flipped a flyer for Moss to catch while I sipped a warm beer. Not a bad day.


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