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Another Sheep Session

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MossI wish I had taken some videos of Moss’s first introduction to sheep. Once he turned on, he was simply wild! He wants to work like a cattle dog – running and barking. He wasn’t trying to grip much but he sure wanted those sheep to MOVE.

I tried putting him in a smaller pen but I still wasn’t able to slow him down. The sheep got to the point where they recognized my truck and knew the crazy dog was coming!

This time, when working with my friend, L, she suggested I keep him on a long line until he learns to control himself. Even that has been a real learning experience for all of us. I’ve never had a BC this crazy and wild to work.

So I’ve been walking around the pen and making Moss walk, lie down and come to me. He really wants to be good, but he just can barely stand it.  Today I realized, after watching L work with him, that I was walking too fast. It made the sheep move too fast and therefore Moss was too excited.

She took him again later and I realized that I was trying too hard to physically control him by using the line. She talked more to him and made him do it himself. It worked much better.

I’ll take more pictures as we go.

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