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Vacation Weekend

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The dogs and I went to stay at a friend’s house over the weekend. We were ranch-sitting while they were away. We fed horses, sheep and guard dogs and mostly hung out.

I used the sheep pen as a giant circle pen and had Moss run to the other side and lie down. Then I’d call him back and have him lie down again. Sometimes I’d call him to me. It was an exercise in obedience. He caught on pretty fast and loved to run as fast as he could around the pen. On our last day, he came running back to me around the corner of the pen and slammed into one of the heavy posts that hold up a roof for the horse bathing stall. He hit it so hard it spun him around and he came crying to me. He NEVER cries when he is hurt so I knew it was bad. Nothing seemed broken but he was limping and he had scraped hair off the side of his face and his shoulder. Poor MossHe was extremely quiet for a couple of days. Then he seemed to have bounced back. He undoubtedly had a wicked headache. We have resumed disc training but I cut it short and no really high jumps.

Doc just hung out and occasionally got to “help” me bring sheep out of the pen. They both had a great time (until that accident) with all the toys and room to run indoors and out.

IMG_1252Doc hanging out with one of the guard dogs.

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