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I was on the computer, as I often am, when I heard a loud, blood-curdling scream from Moss. My first thought was “dogfight.”  I jumped up out of my chair as Moss dove into his crate. He hadn’t been anywhere near Doc. When I investigated, sure enough, there was a cut in the cord going to the box fan that is sitting on the floor. It was on.

He has always had a thing for electrical cords. He has chewed several that were just laying around. He has managed to drag cords into his crate that I thought he couldn’t reach.  He has destroyed one extension cord and my headphones. I don’t always see it until later. He’s very quiet when he’s doing something he is not supposed to.

He looked quite frightened this time. I’m so glad he wasn’t hurt worse. I hope he remembers this the next time he is tempted.


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