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Scary Morning

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I’ve been working Moss the past couple of days at L’s ranch. We had quite a scare yesterday. L was riding a client’s horse (she’s a trainer and instructor.) I went in the little pen with Moss and the sheep. I happened to look up and see the young woman who had come for a lesson in the middle of the ring. She looked like she was trying to get my attention but I couldn’t hear her. When she came close enough I heard, “L’s hurt bad.” I saw the horse wandering around the ring and just managed to make out L on the ground. She was not moving. I rushed across the paddock and yelled at L’s husband who was in his workshop. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. I put Moss on his line and ran over to the ring. L gradually started moving but she was pretty out of it. The horse had fallen and rolled over on her. There was a lot of blood around her head. Before the ambulance arrived, she was sitting up, but the EMTs strapped her down and carried her off to the hospital.Turns out, the blood was from a minor cut on her head. After a CAT scan she was told she had a concussion but was allowed to come home. Today she was very bruised and sore, but otherwise ok.

Today I moved some panels to the back pen to make a larger pen for Moss. If he is in the paddock, he tends to run the sheep from one end to the other and it’s a big paddock. I can’t keep up. But the little corner pen was just too small. He couldn’t get back far enough and he couldn’t do much wearing. The new pen is much better, not that he was behaving much better.


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