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Being able to work Moss on sheep for 3 consecutive days has made a world of difference.He has slowed down and even glanced at me a few times as if to ask me what he’s supposed to be doing. The problem was the pen had 3 corners that the sheep could crowd into and Moss has started flopping back and forth, not able to bring them out. I realized that I was trying to push him into the corner to get the sheep out and he was resisting. The light dawned. I backed up and let him just bring me the sheep along the fence line. That did it. He not only brought them along but then could slip in and get them in the middle of the pen. The pen’s already too small for him and I’m concerned that he’ll learn to stay too close to the sheep but maybe once I have some control, I can try him in the bigger pen again.

But, boy, isn’t he ever the good dog when we come home!


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