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Sheep Dog Lesson

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The original pen.

Moss was just too out of control on sheep. The pen was so big that at one time three of us couldn’t catch the long line he was dragging.  He wouldn’t listen to me at all since he can run faster than I can and would be at the other end of the paddock before I could do anything about it.

We made a smaller pen for the wild man today. I thought it was going to be too small, but it turned out that for today, it was just right. I could get myself into position and block him when I needed to. He even took the command to lie down 5 or 6 times. That’s huge! And we spent some time just standing there chillin’ since he usually acts like a husky about to be hooked up on the dogsled team, barking and rearing to go.

There’s another pen we can put the panels across and make a slightly bigger pen and gradually enlarge it until he’s a bit more under control. I’m just thrilled to actually get to train him. I’ve been invited to come out the next two days while the owner is working horses and help myself to pen and sheep. Yahoo!


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