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We have made progress with the car chasing issue. The other day a motorcycle came by and if Moss hadn’t been on the leash, he would have gone after it. I was very discouraged since I was using a clicker to try to distract him and to get him to focus on me. What was happening was that as he was going for the treat, his eyes would slide around to try to see the car. As soon as he got the treat his head would swing around looking for it even if it was already down the road.

This is something not to be trifled with. A dog that chases cars can end up a dead dog. So I got mad. I got mad for him pulling on the leash, and I got mad at him for watching cars with that look in his eye. I don’t have to do much to let him know I’m mad. Mostly it was just speaking harshly to him.

Tonight he was a star. No pulling on the leash at all. I didn’t even have to say anything. And when I told him to leave it when a car came by his ears went back and he looked at me. Then I could click and give him a treat. He has sheep he can run after. Not cars.

A little dog was loose in the yard as we walked by. I told Moss to leave it. His previous reaction would be to hit the end of the leash with all his might to try to meet the new dog. He walked on like a well behaved boy.  He is learning.

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