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I took Moss out for this third session with sheep. We have several issues to work on. One is just acting crazy when we get there. He’s lunging at the end on the leash, barking hysterically and generally being a pain. The barking is really bad. He is not intimidated easily and just ignores any attempt to quiet him down. I tried using a water spritzer today. He ignored it. I tried postive clicker training. He was way beyond that. Finally we had some success with keeping him behind a car and closing the mouth when he barked and constant praise when he was quiet.

He has gotten very stubborn about lying down though. He just refuses. I’ve been working with him in the pen with the sheep and only letting him have the sheep after he finally does one lie down on his own. He wasn’t bad on sheep. He does the usual puppy stuff, cutting in and chasing one sheep if they split from the flock. He’s giving us more attention though and even did a couple of lie downs while working.

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