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Winter Madness

Winter Madness


I’ve been shoveling the logging road again. I must be mad. I really don’t like shoveling all that much, snow or dirt. In fact, I dislike it intensely! But the dogs and I need a place to walk so I either struggle into my snowshoes and risk another blister and break trail. or shovel. Tomorrow may be a snowshoe day.

Today was a day of chaos. I went to work at the Gallery and it was the “Changing of the Shows” and a bunch of people ripping things off the walls and putting up new ones. On top of that, I had to move the computer and try to get wireless from the library. Then home to do chores and grab a dinner, then back for a meeting. No time to actually WORK on the databases I’ve started.

No time to spin today. Besides, I think I’m getting carpal tunnel from spinning.

I visited a friend who had another friend visiting and showed off my one mitten with finger flaps. Her friend wants me to knit a pair for her. I haven’t even finished MINE yet. She doesn’t care. She WANTS them. But I’ve got to finish my weaving first!! ACK!

It has been a crazy day, but somehow I’ve enjoyed it!

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